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Marie's Techniques with Complimentary Downloads

The Energy Exchange Photo Techniques was first developed in 2016 by Marie using not only photos but images and visuals to tap with. Many people now use photographs with EFT yet Marie uses these in multi ways:

  • Tapping with the photograph(s) as normal on self
  • Tapping actually 'on' the photograph (s)
  • Combining tapping on self and on the photograph

It is a gentle surrogate technique that can be used for many purposes which are illustrated in this complimentary download both for people and animals


The CASTaway Technique is a tapping technique where the chest points are used in an extremely powerful manner, additionally introducing reversal points.

The technique includes tapping on:

  • C = Collar bone
  • A = Arm point
  • S = Sore points
  • T = Thymus

It is a technique that helps remove unwanted negative emotions quickly and powerfully yet in a relaxing and gentle way.

Here is your complimentary CASTaway brochure download explaining the technique in detail.


There is a FREE TAPPING GUIDE CHART from EFT International association here.



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Photo Energy Exchange Download



Download Castaway Tapping Chart here