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About Marie

Living in this beautiful country of Spain on a finca with my partner and a wonderful family of animal companions including all

our  wildlife companions .

I have lived in Spain and the Canaries for about twenty six years in all, so I guess you can say I like it .

I started learning Emotional Freedom Techniques many years ago where my proverbial journey began .

Well actually, I believe it started before that, around about here...

I had a double brain haemorrhage many many years ago and could not work and was left with debilitating symptoms of

severe dizziness and constant nausea. The medical world couldn't help apart from very strong medication which made

me feel worse. I had no confidence and felt quite ill most of the time.

I was introduced to a local hypnotherapist who had just discovered EFT but not really used it and we gave it a go. I

went home with a little diagram and phrases to say whilst tapping on my symptoms. This was done very basically but two

days later and incredulously , the dizziness and nausea completely disappeared !

From wondering what life had to hold for me with no quality of life and ill health to

" wow what has life got to hold for me - bring it on!"

It was like a miracle.

How could I not share EFT? How could I not pass it on, share it, teach it? I am as passionate about EFT now as I was then.

My journey continued and I started learning, studying, practising EFT with Gary Craig's on line study and exams all those years ago.

Then I was lucky enough to attend Dr Alex Lees EFT Course here in Spain whilst he was visiting from Canada. Dr Alex was a

colleague and friend of Gary Craigs' and Editor of Emofree which at that time was Garys very popular newsletter.

Since then, I have progressed to an AAMET Expert Practitioner , Master Trainer and Trainer of Trainers with AAMET which is the

Worldwide association for EFT where in the past I was Director of the Training Committee and an Executive Board Member.

Quite a journey from suffering a double brain haemorrhage all those years ago.

As a "Northern Lass" from England, I would give these Tapping Techniques only one name..

" Jaw Dropping ! " It's like witnessing miracles each day.

My journey has continued having  been awarded Company Women Business Award 2007 - 2008 in Spain Category ' Against All Odds '

with EFT Spain . That really sums it all up. ' Against all odds!'

And still continuing this fantastic journey, I was so excited to present at Manchester, England in October  at Masterclass in Manchester

2009 hosted by Master Tania Prince. This was showcasing my Energy Exchange Photo Techniques for the first time after many years

of development. (Technique available under Free Resources)

Having spent many years sharing these wonderful 'tapping' techniques particularly specialising with serious illness, I became interested

in using EFT with my own animal companions to start with. I discovered how effective it was and how quickly it worked with them.

So along with my training and EFT client sessions, I love sharing how we can use EFT with our animal friends including wild animals

and abandoned.

Life is busy but so enjoyable.

This journey is still continuing with EFT and animals through my annual Animal Energy World Conference and my techniques on

Animal Energy World

Who would have thought it all possible ?

I am truly blessed.

Thank you all and I truly look forward to meeting you and sharing more on EFT.



Marie and Ollie

Marie training EFT

Gary Craigs Serious Illness Conference, UK

Company Business Award Winner EFT Spain

Inaugural Animal Energy World Conference, Spain