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Master Trainer of Trainers

Welcome to Emotional Freedom Techniques

Hello and thank you for joining me in my world, the World of EFT

in Spain International. I hope you enjoy browsing through my website

and as an expression in Spain goes " mi casa es tu casa" or " my home

is your home" or simply "make yourself at home".

Emotional Freedom Techniques is a vitally important part of my day,

for myself, my friends and family, my clients and my animal

companions. I use EFT or Tapping as it is commonly known, every

single day and would love to share this with you. I cannot imagine life

without EFT or tapping, as it is so empowering and it saved my life.

" My World is your World

  To give is to receive ...

  I promise to share my knowledge of EFT

  We need to share and be as one

  EFT is too good to keep to ourselves ...

  I am grateful every day I know and use EFT

  I am thankful every day I know and use EFT

  Whatever helps in your World helps in mine

  As EFT saved my life, for sure ...

  And it may just help or save you

  I am here with open hands and heart

  I send Love to you all and Welcome "


Marie Holliday